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The live event is closed

the Building Blocks for Global Expansion

What is Business Beyond Borders about?

The vision of Business Beyond Borders is to inspire attendees to look beyond their national borders and take the leap into doing international business. We believe the best way to do that is to show them which are some key issues that they need to take note of and give them resources to begin their journey of discovery.

Where and when will this take place?

One of the most exciting parts of doing business internationally is travelling the world to meet your new business partners and getting to know their country. That’s a bit harder than usual in 2020 for obvious reasons so this event will be held online over a week. Attendees can sit comfortably in a location of their choice and watch experts in a variety of fields be interviewed on a topic within their expertise. Each day there will be a maximum of two longer interviews, plus a couple of shorter sections which we are calling „Windows on the World“.

The event will be live online from November 30th to December 4th. But as all of the interviews are recorded attendees have the option to get unlimited access to the recordings after the event closes.

You don't have time to attend live?

Get the VIP Package and you'll not only secure unlimited access to the interview recordings, but you will also benefit from additional resources the experts are sharing.

Who will be watching and attending?

The audience will consist of entrepreneurs and small business owners with little or no experience in offering their products or services to an international audience. They want to learn how to get started thinking internationally and which pitfalls they should avoid, whilst at the same time opening themselves up for new opportunities, generating new revenue streams and becoming part of a thriving global marketplace. They know that operating internationally can spread their risk and bring increased turnover, but they aren’t sure how to get started and “don’t know, what they don’t know”.

What will the speakers be talking about?

The speakers are experts in a range of international business issues, such as tax and legal regulations, international sales and marketing, as well as leaders in localisation. They’ll be interviewed about their subject matter expertise, whether that’s in products or services. In addition there will be short “Windows on the World” where speakers from a variety of international backgrounds give compact insights into what makes their home market unique.

Curious about who you will be hearing from?

Let's introduce you to our experts and their topics so that you know what you can look forward to.

Why should I be watching?

This is not a „normal“ Summit where we are throwing out a lot of interviews over multiple days to cover as many topics as humanly possible. Instead we deliberately designed a smaller „boutique-style“ event as our focus is not on getting a huge number of speakers with a big following, but more on getting a few high quality experts that are sharing valuable practical information for a small selected audience.

Our intention is to reach businesses and service professionals that are thinking of expanding their markets beyond their own country, but are not sure how to start and what they need to pay attention to exactly. We have also partnered with a few universities who will recommend the event to their students in International Business, so they get some practical insights beyond the theory.

Who are the hosts?

Kathryn Read

International Sales and Marketing Consultant

Kathryn Read is an international sales and marketing consultant with over 20 years’ experience developing niche products in emerging markets. She helps small and medium companies to break through international barriers, creating successful entrepreneurs and a thriving global marketplace.

Kathryn firmly believes that business is done between people, and therefore places her focus on building strong relationships that form a solid foundation for doing business.

Anja Riemer-Grobe

The Thoughtful Efficiency Architect

Anja Riemer-Grobe is the creator of the 3P Method ® for Professional Service Firms that is supporting professionals in developing the platforms, processes and people they need to grow their firms in a conscious and value-added way so they can catalyze human potential and profitability.

Anja beliefs that each successful business is built on relationships, trust and communication between all people that are involved – no matter where in the world you’re doing business.

This is awesome, easy, and I want to attend! So how do I save my seat?

The live event is already over and it was a fantastic gathering of some of the brightest minds in the field of international business. If you want to access the interviews and the additional gifts that the experts were sharing you can buy a VIP Package for only $98 here